Empowering Patients to Regain Control of Their Health

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Empowering Patients to Regain Control of Their Health

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I am an evidence-based Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto. I help patients achieve better hormone health and enhance their fertility. Award-winner speaker and author of My PCOS Pregnancy.
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Dr. Laura von Hagen, M.Sc, ND

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I love my job because I treat people, not illnesses. I believe in patient-centred care and getting to the root cause of your health concerns.

Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND
Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND

My mission

At my private practice in Toronto, I have a strong clinical focus on hormone health and fertility. From PMS to menopause, you deserve better health care, and you deserve clear answers to your questions.  If you are currently going through IVF, I offer integrated fertility care and acupuncture to help increase your chances of pregnancy. I also offer secure, virtual consultations to anyone residing in Ontario.

My unique approach to your health can help fix your hormones, banish PMS, bring home that baby and ease the transition through menopause. Your hormones should not get in the way of your life. Instead, they should propel you to a state of optimal functioning.

Are you ready to dive deep and explore all aspects of your health?

Naturopathic medicine is not a quick-fix or band-aid solution. Let’s investigate your health together and restore balance to your body.

You can find Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND at Higher Health Naturopathic Centre in Toronto and virtual care with Clarity Health Burlington. Over the past 7 years of clinical practice, I’ve helped hundreds of patients transform into the person they’ve always wanted to be.

Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND
Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND

Have you been told you’re fine but you feel anything but?

I treat the person, not the paper. Your blood work might look fine, but perhaps they only tested the tip of the iceberg. You may require additional testing and a more thorough investigation to address all your symptoms. I don’t do fine, I do optimal.

Hormones and fertility can be complicated; you need an experienced practitioner with the right expertise who truly understands your health goals.

Meet the ND

Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND - Botanical Medicine Toronto


This is the most common condition I treat in practice. I share my own experience in my new book My PCOS Pregnancy: Your Guide to Getting and Staying Pregnant with PCOS. I provide a realistic approach to treating your PCOS through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Fertility Care Toronto


Integrative fertility support to help you have a healthy baby. Evidence-based preconception care to optimize egg and sperm quality. Ideal for anyone who is trying to conceive or working with a fertility clinic.

Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND - Hormone Health

Hormone Health

Natural solutions for endometriosis, fibroids, menopause and PMS. Hormonal imbalances are common, but not normal. You deserve to feel your best at all times of the month, there is no need to suffer in silence.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

You’re pregnant, now what?! Dr. Google can be overwhelming and confusing. Get the advice you actually need for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum. As an IVF mama myself, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Dr. Laura von Hagen, ND - Acupuncture Toronto


Acupuncture stimulates Qi – the flow of energy throughout the body – restoring imbalances, removing blockages and relieving pain. Acupuncture is especially indicated for infertility and hormonal issues.

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I currently offer virtual consultations with Clarity Health Burlington and in-person consultation at Higher Health Toronto. Consultations are available to anyone residing in Ontario.

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