Embryo Transfer Acupuncture for IVF

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture stimulates Qi – the flow of energy throughout the body – restoring imbalances, removing blockages and relieving pain. Acupuncture is especially indicated for anyone experiencing fertility and hormonal issues.

When Should I Start Acupuncture?

I recommend beginning acupuncture treatment three months prior to conception. As part of my preconception plan, this will help with follicle development and preparing the body for pregnancy. Treatments are ideally performed once a week in order to balance your hormones and support your reproduce organs. Typically, it takes about 6 sessions for patients to see beneficial results. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I take a holistic approach to fertility care. If you are already scheduled for IVF, I offer onsite acupuncture at fertility clinics for new and existing patients in Toronto and the GTA. This can be booked online HERE.

Acupuncture Improves IVF Outcomes

An analysis of several studies found that patients who received acupuncture on the day of their embryo transfer increased their odds of clinical pregnancy by up to 65%.1  Acupuncture helps by:

-Increasing blood flow to the uterus

-Reducing stress levels2

-Improving the endometrial lining

-Promoting implantation of the embryo

Preparing for your Embryo Transfer

Preparing for your upcoming IVF cycle is incredibly stressful. The medications, the ongoing blood work, endless ultrasounds and injections are emotionally and physically overwhelming. Acupuncture before and after your embryo transfer can help reduce stress and improve pregnancy rates. Most fertility clinics in Toronto and the GTA offer private rooms for acupuncture to be performed. This reduces the burden of travelling to multiple locations on the day of your IVF. Please contact me ahead of time to arrange this service and inform your fertility clinic. Along with acupuncture, check out my Step-By-Step Guide for preparing for the big day!

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2. Balk J, Catov J, Horn B, Gecsi K, Wakim A. The relationship between perceived stress, acupuncture, and pregnancy rates among IVF patients: a pilot study. Complementary therapies in clinical practice. 2010 Aug 31;16(3):154