Burnout Support For Real Women

Burnout. I get it, we’re all busy, and life has the tendency to get in the way of things. You feel burnout, exhausted, tired and busy all the time. You want to make healthy changes but don’t know where to start. Your hormones feel completely out of whack.

Living in Toronto, I understand that the ‘disease of busyness’ sometimes seems unavoidable. When it does, our personal health is the first thing to go out the door. It’s difficult to regain your health when you don’t have the energy to get better, creating a vicious cycle. We all know exercise will give us more energy, but if what if you don’t have the energy to drag yourself to the gym? It’s time we connect.

This is where I come in; identifying the obstacles in your life holding you back, and developing a plan that gets you back on track. Diet and lifestyle are absolutely critical to burnout recovery, that’s why I put together personalized care plans for all of my patients. Supportive supplementation, through herbs and vitamins, can also be very beneficial. We will create practical, solutions focused on your specific health goals. Want more energy and to feel less stressed? Weight loss? Hormone support? Let’s get connected and start making your health goals a reality.

Here are some simple tips you can start doing today to manage stress levels and regain control of your life.

My Top Strategies for Stress Management

  • Set aside time for yourself- Although life can seem extremely busy at times, it is very important to make time for self-care. Aim for 30 minutes a day of an activity you enjoy, this could be exercising, light reading, meditation, a hot bath, or whatever works for you! You absolutely need to prioritize this, block it in your schedule and protect your time.
  • Learn to Say No and Set Boundaries- Enough said. You don’t need to apologize or make excuses.
  • Address Dysfunctional Beliefs- Being a great _____ does not equate to being perfect. Set your intentions for the day and focus on what matters to you. If you find yourself saying ‘I am not good enough’, try gratitude journaling. Write down five things you are grateful for in life every day, focusing on positive attributes.

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