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Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: A Survival Guide


Let’s talk morning sickness or in my case, all day sickness. I was nauseous the minute my little embryo started producing hCG, which means my nausea started even before my first blood test to confirm my pregnancy. I was just under four weeks pregnant and I woke up with the most intense queasy feeling in my stomach.


Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: A Survival Guide2020-11-24T11:32:10-05:00

When It’s Not Just PMS


It is estimated that 80% of women experience premenstrual emotional or physical changes each month. Even more concerning, 20-40% of these women reported a decreased quality of life because of these debilitating changes. Of these women, 2-8% will experience severe PMS. At what point is this no longer considered ‘just PMS?’ 


When It’s Not Just PMS2020-11-09T08:30:41-05:00

Preparing for your Embryo Transfer: A Step-by-Step Guide


With fertility clinics starting to re-open, many patients are experiencing mixed emotions. There is a sense of relief, excitement, anticipation and anxiety as fertility treatments resume. For those who are scheduled for an embryo transfer, we are here for you throughout the entire process. Think of us as doulas for your transfer day!


Preparing for your Embryo Transfer: A Step-by-Step Guide2020-05-18T09:43:57-05:00

My Updated Healthy Costco Shopping List


This is an all too familiar sight. You show up ready to shop and the shelves are empty. Or now, you show up and you have to line up outside before you even get into the store (which for health and safety, I honestly don’t mind). With the strong focus on social and physical distancing, it way harder to make a quick trip to the grocery store of a jug of milk or one lemon.


My Updated Healthy Costco Shopping List2020-04-06T10:14:18-05:00