How To Make the Best Eggs


You might be familiar with the term egg quality, but what exactly does that mean? This refers to the likelihood of an embryo implanting based on the health of the eggs (psst, sperm is also important!). Although IVF can help you become pregnant, it does not improve egg quality.


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Maternity Leave Notice


Where did the time go? I’m honestly still in shock that I’m expecting baby #1 in May! We are very excited as the time has flown by quickly and we are looking forward to meeting baby soon. After a wild ride to get here, including our first IVF cycle being cancelled due to COVID-19, we are feeling truly grateful and appreciative of all the support we’ve received this year.


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Why Do Embryos Arrrest?


This is one of the most heartbreaking moments; a patient is told they have no viable embryos available for a transfer upon completing a round of IVF. After an egg retrieval, the clinic embryologist will send updates on the fertilization rate, day 3 progress and the final embryo count on days 5,6, or 7. This is an incredibly nerve-wracking and stressful time for patients.


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