It’s beginning to look a lot like….


It’s officially December, which means I’m allowed to play Christmas music at all hours of the day in my house. I LOVE this. I swear it makes me workout harder, and study harder as I’m a sucker for the holidays. The Christmas tree, snow, time spent together by the fireplace, gifts, holiday baking and my favourite, opening the stockings!


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You Can Freeze What? The Ultimate Food Freezer Guide


Did you know long before I was an ND, I was a health blogger? I started blogging during my master’s because all too often people would come to me with health questions. At the time, I was a TA for medical students and I wanted to be an anatomy professor. Regardless, health had always been my passion and I was seen as the ‘health authority’ by my peers. The other day, I came across one of my old blogs. I’m now in the process of updating some amazing old posts with new relevant content that my viewers have […]

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When You’re Not Carrying to Term: Everything You Need to Know About Miscarriage Prevention


Approximately 15-25% of all pregnancies end in a spontaneous abortion, which is the natural death of an embryo prior to 20 weeks of gestation. The cause is most often due to chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, meaning the fetus was not viable outside of the uterine environment. When a person experiences two or more miscarriages in a row, the term recurrent pregnancy loss is used.  A proper work-up, family history and assessment for risk factors can help with future miscarriage prevention.


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PCOS Awareness Month: My Personal Journey


My story

Nine months had passed since stopping birth control and still no period. Nine months of waiting without any answers, nine months of being told my blood work was fine without an explanation. Thankfully, I have a wonderful GP and Naturopathic Doctor who were both not convinced. After a series of more thorough blood work, deeper investigation and several ultrasounds, I finally received a diagnosis.


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Secondary Infertility. What you need to Know.


When baby #2 doesn’t happen as quickly as baby #1, parents often have a lot of questions. Why is this happening now? What is wrong with my body? Can everyone stop asking me when we’re having a second child?!!?

Last week I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for the incredible team at Helping Hands Doula. Kristi and Jessica are an essential part of any birth plan and I highly recommend their services without hesitation. Secondary infertility is something we both see all too often, and they reached out to get […]

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