Hormonal Disorders

Whether you suffer from debilitating PMS, chronic UTIs, raging night sweats or nagging yeast infections, dealing with out-of-control hormones is never fun. Your hormones should propel you forward each month, not hold you back. Teaching women to feel empowered, and not defeated, by their reproductive cycle is something I do every day.

Hormone Conditions I work with

At my clinic in Toronto, I treat a variety of women’s health conditions. To learn more about specific conditions I treat, click my blog post links below. I offer an evidence-based, natural approach to treating your hormones.

It’s Time to Get Your Hormones Back on Track

Many women think that their ‘hormonal issues’ are just something they have to deal with. This is simply NOT true. There is no reason you should have to miss work because of heavy flow, or your cramps are so painful that you cannot get out of bed. Need several extra-strength Advil to function during your period each month? Also common, but NOT normal.  I see this all the time and it is my goal to give women the health they deserve.

Your Monthly Health Report Card

I treat each patient’s menstrual cycle as her monthly report card. Your menstrual cycle is one of the biggest indicators of your overall health, and your period should not be something you dread every month. Instead, let’s make your next period the best one yet. My comprehensive treatments are focused on balancing hormones, addressing nutrient deficiencies, and promoting optimal gut flora to get you back on track. When necessary, I incorporate additional testing through blood work, functional medicine and advanced hormone assessments to determine the underlying cause of your hormonal imbalance.

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