Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments are available to anyone located in Ontario. I offer in-person and virtual consultations at Higher Health in Toronto and virtual consultations only at Clarity Health.

You’re ready to make a change but don’t know where to start. You’ve tried several different supplements and nothing seems to make a difference. You feel frustrated and unheard by conventional medicine. You feel lost in your fertility journey.

I offer the strategic solution you’ve been looking for. I help you move from a place of overwhelm to feeling heard, supported and successful. My treatment plan provides you with a clear path and manageable steps toward your best health.

We are going to get clear on your goals and how are going to help you get together. We will put together a treatment plan that details exactly how we’re going to get you feeling better. If I feel additional blood work or testing is necessary to achieve your goals, we will provide you with a requisition.

Our fees are not covered by OHIP but are covered by most extended health plans. This allows us to spend more time with our patients and get to know them best. We do not offer direct billing but we will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company.

In my experience, patients are the most successful and feel the most supported when we meet more frequently at the beginning. After an initial consult, expect to have a 30-60 minute follow-up every 4-6 weeks in the first three months together. We have found this model works best for success and your patient care. I am here to help you implement your treatment plan and make sure you feel supported along the way.

Higher Health is located at 3363 Yonge St, we are just north of Yonge and Lawrence. Clarity Health is virtual consultation only.

I work Tuesday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm and one Saturday per month 8 am to 1 pm.
Fees for Higher Health are posted on our booking page. For Clarity, please call to book an initial consult and we will review our fee schedule with you.
Nope! When you’re ready to book we’re here for you. I invite you to come work with me one on one in my practice and get started.

Please ensure your intake forms are filled out ahead of time. If you are currently taking any supplements or medications, please list these all in your intake forms (dosages and brands!) or have them ready for the appointment. You can also upload any recent blood work to your patient portal ahead of time.

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