My Favourite Breakfast Recipes!

Have you ever heard the quote “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The answer is probably yes, but does the average citizen take this advice to heart? Apparently not, as a survey conducted by The Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition showed that “less than two thirds of Canadians” eat breakfast daily. Translating literally to “break the fast”, breakfast is meant to kick start your metabolism after a good night’s sleep. An investigation into the National Weight Control Registry showed that seventy-eight percent of individuals enrolled-people who have lost and maintained a significantly amount of weight-say they […]

My Favourite Breakfast Recipes!2019-01-24T16:54:52-05:00

Why are the Japanese so Slim????

Arriving home from Asia, one of the most common phrases I heard was ‘They are all so skinny over there’. Having now visited Japan, I see how a culture of healthy living, excellent public transportation, and food quality over quantity leads to some of the lowest obesity rates around the globe. I don’t think its simply good genes that make this possible, but several lifestyle and cultural choices that lead to slimmer waistlines. Below I have shared some of the secrets to maintaining a healthy weight, while improving your overall food experience and finding more pleasure in what […]

Why are the Japanese so Slim????2019-01-24T16:54:52-05:00