Spring Cleaning-Fridge Edition

Looking to detox this spring? Start by detoxing your fridge and removing all the unhealthy food. Below is a list of what to toss and what to keep to help re-boot your diet and keep your eating habits on track.
This post was inspired by an article I read in the Globe and Mail by Leslie Beck. She is one of my favourite columnists and always offers sensible, no-fail advice ideas that work for the majority of people. Read below for my spin on spring cleaning

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Spring Cleaning-Fridge Edition2019-01-24T16:54:52-05:00

The Time has Finally Come!

I feel honoured and privileged to start treating patients at the RSNC this week. I firmly believe in creating a personalized naturopathic experience, at an affordable price for. Please click on the ‘Book an Appointment’ tab for more information, all are welcome! If you have questions about what we do as naturopathic medical interns or how I practice, do not hesitate to contact me at info@lauravonhagen.com


The Time has Finally Come!2019-01-24T16:54:52-05:00