Can You Spot the Gluten???

These days it seems like every other product in the grocery store is labeled “gluten-free” (GF). In addition, there is the fast growing trend for restaurants to highlight GF items on their menus. While this is great for people who have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, there are still many hidden sources of gluten. If you are on a strict GF diet for medical or health purposes, you really need to read food labels and be aware of what does and doesn’t contain gluten.
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Can You Spot the Gluten???2019-01-24T16:54:52-05:00

A How-To Guide for Making Healthy Fast Food Choices

Although I always recommend my patients pack lunch the night before, fast-food options are plentiful in downtown Toronto and dining out is a common social event. If you find yourself drowning in the plethora of fast-food options at your local food court, here is a quick guide to making healthy decisions on the fly.
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A How-To Guide for Making Healthy Fast Food Choices2019-01-24T16:54:52-05:00