We are finally in the home stretch! Some days I pinch myself and can’t believe this is happening. I’m grateful for the ongoing support and words of encouragement I’ve received from my family, friends and midwives during this wild ride. 

I’m also very aware of the fact I can’t ‘hide’ my pregnancy anymore. When I see people looking at my bump, I can’t help but wonder what they are feeling. Are they happy and excited for me? Or is my bump a huge trigger for them? I know firsthand how difficult it is being around pregnant people when you’re trying to conceive. My heart goes out to anyone in that situation.

Prepping For Labour & Delivery

Now that my due date (May 14th) is around the corner, I’ve gotten lots of questions about what I’m doing to prep for labour and delivery. I don’t have a birth plan, but instead, I’m focused on having a positive birthing experience and a healthy baby.

  1. Birth Preferences- My preferences, not a birth plan, are to have a vaginal delivery if possible and avoid a c-section or episiotomy. Contrary to popular belief, the recovery from a c-section can be much harder than a vaginal delivery. As for whether or not I’ll get an epidural, I am open to whatever I need at the moment. I told my husband if I start screaming at him to give me the drugs, it means to get me the drugs. My midwife team has been amazing, providing me with informed choice and supporting my decisions. 
  2. Working with a doula- Especially since this is my first pregnancy, having a doula can be incredibly beneficial and calming. We have been doing private prenatal classes with the team at Helping Hands Doula Doula. I love the ability to ask all of our many questions and re-watch the recordings. Highly recommended! 
  3. Hiring a night nurse- We decided to hire a night nurse for the few weeks postpartum to help with infant care and sleep. I do not function well on a lack of sleep and this is one of my biggest concerns after the baby arrives. We felt that having the extra support would be important for us at the beginning. 
  4. Pelvic floor health and lower back pain-  Although I generally feel pretty good, I’ve been getting regular pregnancy massages at Upper Beach Health & Wellness. I believe this has made a huge difference in keeping pregnancy aches and pains to a manageable level. I am also starting pelvic floor physiotherapy this week to learn proper pushing techniques and to prevent tearing and prolapse. A lot of people think pelvic floor physiotherapy is something you do postpartum but there are numerous benefits to starting it during your pregnancy in the last trimester.
  5. Stretch mark prevention- Real talk. I do think stretch marks are highly genetic, but I am trying to prevent them as much as possible. I’ve been supplementing with dermal collagen and applying a natural belly oil. So far so good! 
  6. Exercise- Exercise has always been an important part of my life and I plan to continue exercising for a long as I can. I’ve had to lower the intensity and take more breaks, but I’ve been able to keep up my routine. This has done wonders for my mental and physical health. Don’t be afraid of exercise! Unless you’ve been told specifically to not exercise during your pregnancy due to an underlying medical condition, it is safe and beneficial for most individuals.