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My Updated Healthy Costco Shopping List

This is an all too familiar sight. You show up ready to shop and the shelves are empty. Or now, you show up and you have to line up outside before you even get into the store (which for health and safety, I honestly don’t mind). With the strong focus on social and physical distancing, it way harder to make a quick trip to the grocery store of a jug of milk or one lemon.

Healthy Costco Grocery Shopping List

Enter Costco. Although the lines can be uber long, I’m so glad we have our Costco membership. It allows me to effectively stock up and reduce the number of trips I make outside our house. People ask me all the time why I have a membership for our household of two (plus one furbaby who only eats Costco cat food…she’s super picky).

The reason? We eat a LOT of real food and lots of fruits and veggies. Think about it, I make giant smoothies for my husband and I every morning.  Then we both eat at least two other pieces of fruit per day. Plus veggies and hummus with eggs and avocado at lunch and a giant salad with organic meat for dinner. If you do the math, that means for just one week we need:

  • 28 pieces of fruit
  • 1 bag of frozen fruit
  • 3 boxes of almond milk
  • 4 avocados
  • 1 dozen organic eggs
  • 2 boxes of spinach plus one bag of kale salad
  • At least four bags of other veggies
  • ….you get the idea 🙂

To make life a bit easier, I’ve updated my healthy Costco shopping list with all my favourite items.  I hope this makes your shopping experience slightly more pleasant in the current circumstances.

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe