Healthy Costco Shopping List-Everything You Need! - Laura von Hagen

Healthy Costco Shopping List-Everything You Need!

Time and time again I hear people say “I want to eat healthily, but it’s too expensive”. Especially during the holiday season, it’s easy to let your health take the back burner when parties, gifts, work deadlines and holiday expenses begin to pile up.

In comes Costco. Yes Costco sells a TON of junk food, or health food in ‘disguise’, however, they also have a lot of healthy, real food. If you’re a good friend of mine, you know how much I love Costco. Even for just two of us and one fur baby (who refuses to eat anything but Costco cat food), the membership is 100% worth it. Below are the go-to items I buy at Costco. This list will save you tons of money compared to high-end grocery stores. It is a great starting place for making healthy meals at home, and check out my website recipe for inspiration. Do you shop at Costco? If you have other suggestions for awesome healthy finds, send me an email and I’d love to hear from you! **If you want a black and white version you can print off and take with you on your next grocery trip, send me an email at and I would be happy to share 🙂